About Our Little Christmas Trees

Our Little Christmas Trees provide a memorable eco-friendly gift that doesn't cost the earth and can be enjoyed for years to come.

The cell grown Norway Spruce Christmas Trees are graded to 25-40cm including cell and are supplied as plug plants, in other words the roots are grown in compost. This means that planting is very easy and can be carried out at any time of year.

Little Christmas Trees

The Norway Spruce (Picea abies)

This is the original Christmas tree and for some people it is the only Christmas tree which has been gracing people's homes since Victorian times. The Norway Spruce has a wonderful fresh scent and elegant fine foliage and is the perfect tree for traditionalists. The Norway Spruce is one of the most widely planted spruces, both in and outside of its native range, used in forestry for timber and paper production, and as an ornamental tree in parks and gardens. This variety grows well in most locations and particularly benefits from wetter conditions but is suitable for planting in all soils. The Norway Spruce Christmas tree will reach a height of approx. 10ft in 6 years.

Planting & Care

Plant in moist but well-drained soil, ideally one that is slightly acidic, in full sun. Alternatively the trees can be planted in a pot big enough to allow the roots to grow and develop, and with drainage holes in the bottom. Keep it watered (like any other newly planted tree) and watch it grow. Next Christmas, carefully lift the pot with the tree in and next year's Christmas tree is there ready and waiting to be enjoyed.

Eco Benefits

By planting just one tree, an individual can help reduce their carbon footprint by up to 15%. Imagine the positive impact you could have by giving trees as gifts to friends, family, clients and work colleagues. Our saplings are suitable for growing into fully mature trees, or a deck plant in a pot, so you needn't worry about the receiver not having room! Sending a tree as a gift has enormous environmental benefits: 

  • Trees trap CO2 from the atmosphere and make carbohydrates that are used for plant growth.
  • Six trees can absorb the average annual household emissions in CO2.
  • Over 40 years, a tree can remove one ton of CO2 from the atmosphere.

An original eco-friendly gift that will get noticed and be remembered.