What countries do you deliver to?

Due to live plant export restrictions, we can only deliver our Little Christmas trees to the UK or the following EU countries:

Austria, Belgium, Bulgaria, Cyprus, Czech Republic, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, France, Germany, Greece, Hungary, Italy, Latvia, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Malta, Netherlands, Poland, Portugal, Republic of Ireland, Romania, Slovakia, Slovenia, Spain, Sweden.

Do prices include VAT?

We are not VAT registered therefore you will not be charged VAT for your Little Christmas Trees.

What are cell grown plants?

Cell Grown Plants (CGP's) are grown in small containers called cells. Multi-celled trays hold compost into which tree seeds are sown. The plants are grown with the trays being supported above the ground, allowing air pruning of the taproots and root tips. This 'pruning' promotes further fibrous root development, the key to future survival of a plant. Physical ridges on the individual cell walls prevent any root spiralling, and train the roots downwards.

Cell grown plants are extracted from their cells prior to despatch and are wrapped in protective packaging to ensure the root plug stays moist. The plants are planted with a completely intact, fibrous root system, which minimises stress, and ensures good survival.

How do I look after my tree?

Our little cell grown Norway Spruce Christmas trees are very easy to look after and can be planted into a pot or container, big enough to allow the roots to grow and develop, with drainage holes in the bottom. Just keep the tree watered, and like any other newly planted tree or plant, it will be happy throughout the festive season. After Christmas, you can plant your little tree outside, directly into the soil or into a larger pot or container. If you wish, you can bring your tree back indoors next Christmas for a few weeks and enjoy all over again.

Alternatively these little trees can be planted straight out in the garden at any time of the year.

What can I use to plant my tree in?

If you want to keep your tree inside for a few weeks over the festive period, you can use any small pot or container. Ideally the container should have drainage holes in, but if it's only for a couple of weeks, your tree will be fine without - just don't over water. Suprisingly an empty 'baked bean' or 'soup' tin can with the label peeled off makes a great looking contemporary container!

For another completely free solution, why not try cutting the end off the postal tube that your tree is delivered in. Simply fill with a little soil and you have a great 'recycled' planter for the tree. As long as the cardboard tube doesn't get too wet, it will last throughout the festive period (and if it does get very wet, you always have the other end of the tube!).

How big will the tree grow?

The Norway Spruce tree will reach approx 10ft in 6 years and can be planted at anytime of the year. Our saplings are suitable for growing into fully mature trees (up to 140ft), or can be grown in a pot or container, so you needn't worry about the receiver not having enough room!

By planting just one tree, an individual can help reduce their carbon footprint by up to 15%. Imagine the positive impact you could have by giving trees as gifts to friends, family, clients and work colleagues. Sending a tree as a gift has enormous environmental benefits:

  • Trees trap CO2 from the atmosphere and make carbohydrates that are used for plant growth.
  • Six trees can absorb the average annual household emissions in CO2.
  • Over 40 years, a tree can remove one ton of CO2 from the atmosphere.

Why use Jute Bags?

Our 100% Biodegradable eco-friendly Jute Drawstring Bag make the ideal, natural solution for presenting your Little Christmas Tree and provide an excellent solution for eco-aware companies and organisations.

How will my tree(s) be delivered?

Our trees are supplied extracted from their cells prior to despatch and are wrapped in protective packaging to ensure the root plug stays moist. The trees are then packed and posted to you or your recipient depending on your order. We can supply our trees with a range of accessories including Postal Tubes, Jute Bags and Baubles to complete your gift. All trees come complete with a standard tree care leaflet and gift tag. For orders of 50 trees or more we can also produce custom gift tags with you logo and message.

Alternatively we can offer a complete package which includes the distribution of the trees directly to the recipient. Simply provide us with a database of names and addresses (Microsoft Excel format), your logo (in EPS or JPG format) and your message for the tag and we will do the rest. The trees will be carefully packed into postal tubes with a printed gift tag attached, the roots are wrapped and address labels printed. The trees will then be posted via Royal Mail 2nd Class Mail.

What is the latest I can order to ensure delivery before Christmas?

We will need to receive your order as early as possible to ensure Christmas Delivery, particularly for large orders and orders requiring custom printed tags. Our last dispatch date is currently 15th December 2020.